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Producten: DrumsProducten: DrumsProducten: DrumsProducten: Drums

Medeli DD305 Digital Drumpad

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Description Medeli DD305 Digital Drumpad

The DD305 professional digital drum pad is without doubt the most complete in its range. The DD305 has 7 pads with touch response and two extra controller pedals for the bass drum and open/closed hi-hat. This makes it usable independently as a complete drum kit, or as an additional percussion pad with an acoustic drum kit. The hand-percussion mode enables you to play the pads by hand.

Create your own drum kit…

The DD305 offers drum and percussion voices that can be combined to suit your own taste in user sets. Volume and stereo image can be adjusted per voice. This makes the DD305 very flexible. 25 presets are also available in which different kinds of drum kits have been pre-programmed in different styles.

Musical accompaniments…

The DD305 includes 80 songs in various styles for the drummer to play along with. The drum part may be switched off with the Drum Off feature. Then you play along with the accompaniment of the rest of the band.

USB connection…

The USB connection on the DD305 provides easy connection to the computer. The USB slot works like a MIDI connection. Played parts may be recorded directly into a sequencer program without the use of an extra interface. One can also use the 128 General Midi sounds to play the MIDI files.